Using Our car for the dmv drive test

Using our car for the DMV drive test. driving lessons, behind the wheel training, CA driving schools


Before obtaining a license, every student must take a driving test at the DMV. Students may use any vehicle for this test, and we feel that students should choose a vehicle that they are comfortable with. The vehicle used must meet the DMV requirements to be used for a drive test (see below or our FAQ's). Students may choose to pay an extra fee to use our vehicle for this test. Prior to using our vehicle for any DMV drive test, a student must have completed at least one behind the wheel driving lesson with us. 

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1. DMV + 2 Hours

A 2 hour lesson plus the use of our vehicle for the DMV Drive Test. The 2 hours can be review, or the final 2 hours of a 6 hour course. 

Cost (includes the 2 hour driving lesson):


Tuolumne County - $175

Calaveras County - $205

Sacramento & SanJoaquin Counties - $220

Sonoma & Marin Counties: $270 

2. DMV + 1 Hour

A one hour review lesson plus the use of our vehicle during your DMV Drive Test. 

Cost (includes the 1 hour review):


Tuolumne County - $115

Calaveras County - $145

Sacramento & SanJoaquin Counties - $165

Sonoma & Marin Counties: $205

Benefits of Using Our Car for the Test

 *We pick the student up early for the test so that they can warm up and review for the exam.

*Our vehicles are currently registered and insured, which is required of the testing vehicle, and they meet all the safety requirements necessary for a vehicle to qualify for use in a drive test.

*Students may feel more comfortable in our vehicles since they are automatic transmissions, small, and easy to drive.

*DMV examiners may feel more comfortable while testing you because there is a brake and rear view mirrors for them, and they will know that you have done some training with us.

DMV Requirements for Test Vehicles

The vehicle you bring must be in sound working order. The lights/blinkers, wipers, horn, seat belts, windows/doors, glove box, headrests, and seat adjustments must all be in working order. The tires must not be bald. There can be no cracks in the windshield. It must also have current registration and insurance.